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At Texas Insurance Agency we have Houston TX wholesale insurance.

Being able to provide our clients with affordable insurance policies as an independent insurance company is a goal for us. We want our clients to trust us and because of that, we have made our team constantly available to you. Our qualified and well-experienced insurance agents are here to offer you exceptional service.

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Looking for an independent insurance agency? Texas Insurance Agency is the right one!

It is important for us as a company to put ourselves in your shoes. We know that you have a business that requires a lot from you already. So, we want to make things a little easier by providing you the best service and an insurance policy best fit for you and your business.

Honesty and professionalism are a part of our company values. Because of this, we have had many clients stay with us and be referred as well.

Assisting and serving the Greater Houston community has been a joy for us for many years. Our company has spent years growing and becoming better for you. Let us get to know you and your business and build a relationship with you.

What is Wholesale Insurance

In the Houston area, there are many small businesses and we are proud that they have decided to set up in this area. We love to support these businesses in every way we can, but they also need support. Wholesale insurance allows them to receive the support they need.

Wholesale insurance is coverage for employers that are too small to qualify for group insurance. Covered by this policy are groups consisting of 10 people or less. Referred to also as franchise insurance, wholesale insurance provides a lot of coverage.

Coverage of the whole group is allowed. Individuals covered under the group can have policies written for them. This allows for more specific coverage for individuals that need or want something different from others.

The companies that qualify for wholesale insurance tend to be small businesses and also distributors. Coverage for your employees and your business should be important to you as the head of these businesses.

General Liability

When getting wholesale insurance general liability is a part of the policy. What does this do exactly?

It protects your company from all the common or general risks. This can be more specified when writing the policy with an agent. Including and not limited to consumer injury, damage to consumer property, and harm caused by a product.

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Product Liability

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Houston TX wholesale insurance

Adding Product Liability to your insurance plan protects disturbed, manufactured, and designed products made by your company.

For example, if you feel like a company is taking a design that you created and that design is protected under this policy. This also includes products that are damaged in transit or if a product causes damage to someone. The insurance company will take care of all of this. Call us today for more information at 218-398-1010.

Medical Equipment Wholesalers

For the business that are providing clinics and hospitals with tools and equipment, you will want to make sure you are insured. What is being sent out to hospitals is specific to them because these products can mean life and death. In addition, you want to make sure that you don’t have any lawsuits from big corporations like this. There are severe policies that will protect and cover you in case of anything.

First, consider that product liability in a business like this is most likely needed. It is common for hospitals to hold the wholesale business liable for any mishaps. In addition to this, we also recommend adding general liability. Standing as a double assurance in case it is needed.

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Why is this the best decision for your business

Because every business is different there is no policy that looks exactly the same. We sit with you and decide what distributor’s insurance is best for you. For example, if you need an insurance policy that covers your warehouse and what’s inside or what you have in transit already we are able to add that to your coverage.

Houston TX wholesale insurance protects you from the risks of the business.

The industry of wholesale can have its risks, just like any other business. You need the right kind of coverage to make sure that your business stays running smoothly. Depending on the type of business you have the state of Texas might actually require you to have this liability insurance.

Being hired by other companies to be their suppliers can come with certain requirements also. Companies will look for other companies that are insurance carriers. Supplies ordered from you will get to them safely, this ensures that in the chance that something happens.

Coverage like this and general liability doesn’t just protect any damages that can happen. A policy like this can cover lawsuits and other liability claims from past employees or third parties. The reputation of your business is important to you and to us. Keep your business safe and protected by getting wholesale insurance.

Houston TX wholesale insurance

We recommend adding other insurance policies to your plan. Protecting your business and your assets are is our job. Recommending what we feel will be best for you and your business ultimately is our job.

Talk to your insurance agent about what they recommend. Let’s work on it together, we are only here to serve you.

Add to your wholesale insurance these policies or that you get separately are worker’s compensation, commercial auto, and commercial property coverage. To get a quote on any of these insurance policies send us an email or visit a location near you.

We are here to accommodate your schedule. Call us today at 218-398-1010, let us handle the rest.

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Know that we here at Texas Insurance Agency are here to give you the best quality insurance you can find in the Greater Houston area. Our experienced and well-trained staff are there to tailor an insurance policy just for you and your business. Houston TX wholesale insurance is available at Texas Insurance Agency.

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