Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card

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Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card

You are an owner-operator of a moving truck, and you need insurance. You also want to pay your initial premium in a convenient way.

Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card

Texas Insurance Agency is here to answer your questions regarding your Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card needs.

At Texas Insurance Agency, we are happy to discuss your needs. The insurance companies we partner with provide many payment options. Paying for your premium should be convenient. We will gladly inform you of your options for paying your initial premium and future payments.

The Best Moving Truck Insurance in Houston TX

Texas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency. This means that we do not work for insurance companies. Our team of independent moving truck insurance agents is here to serve you.

We work with many insurance companies. Therefore, we are able to shop for you and provide you with the most competitive quotes. In other words, we make the insurance companies fight for your business. You deserve the best coverage at the lowest price.

We have partnered with companies that provide commercial auto insurance for moving trucks. We have also partnered with insurers that can provide commercial truck insurance.

What Type of Moving Truck Insurance is Best for My Business?

Commercial auto insurance and commercial trucking insurance are two different types of insurance. Both offer great value to your moving truck business. Let’s take a look at these two types of insurance policies.

Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Moving Truck

State law requires your moving truck to have auto insurance. Because your truck is a specialty vehicle owned by a business, it requires commercial auto insurance.

Commercial auto insurance provides higher coverage limits than a personal auto policy. Moving trucks and trailers are heavier, taller, and broader than passenger autos. Because of its size, your truck has the potential to cause much more damage than a pickup truck. For this reason, commercial auto insurance is a vital asset to protect you, your moving truck, and your business.

Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card

Texas Insurance Agency will help you find commercial auto insurance and commercial trucking insurance for your moving truck business.

It is vital to note what commercial auto insurance does and does not cover.

Commercial Auto Coverage For Your Moving Truck

First, commercial auto insurance covers damage to other vehicles.

This should be the basic expectation of any auto insurance policy. However, your moving truck is at risk of causing greater damage than smaller trucks. Therefore, your policy has a much higher coverage limit. In the event of an accident, rest assured that you are covered.

Secondly, commercial auto insurance also covers damage to someone else’s property. In the event of an accident, if your moving truck hits a building or other objects, you are covered. If, for instance, your moving truck hits a customer’s garage door, you are covered. If you are in an accident near a business and a storefront is damaged, commercial auto covers the cost of repair.

Finally, commercial auto insurance covers driver injuries. This includes injuries you sustain in an accident and injuries sustained by other drivers or pedestrians. We will be happy to go over what a basic policy will cover.

There are also certain things that commercial auto insurance does not cover. One of those exclusions is the cargo inside your moving truck. To protect your customer’s belongings requires a different type of insurance.

Commercial Trucking Insurance For Your Moving Truck

Commercial trucking insurance may or may not be a requirement for your business. However, it is an option every moving truck owner should consider.

Your customers trust you with their items. It is crucial to maintain their trust. Therefore, commercial trucking insurance is an important option to consider. It will protect both your client’s items and your peace of mind.

Your moving truck contains cargo that is precious to your customer. If an accident happens in the moving process, your business could be liable for their property.

Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card

Protect your moving truck business with the right coverage. Call Texas Insurance Agency today!

Moving truck rental companies should consult with us about what commercial trucking insurance will cover. Texas Insurance Agency is here to answer all of your questions. Give us a call today, and let us go over your moving truck business. We will find you the best insurance options at fair rates.

Paying For Your Moving Truck Insurance By Credit Card

Once your policy is underwritten, you have many payment options. Most insurers allow you to pay the premium in various ways. Each insurance company will provide you with different options. Stop in today so we can discuss your moving truck business.

Adding insurance to your accounts payable should not be stressful. Let us go over your payment options with different insurers. Paying your moving truck insurance premium should be a breeze. We want to help add to your peace of mind.

Other Types of Moving Truck Company Business Insurance

At Texas Insurance Agency, our goal is to help you with all of your insurance needs. This also includes personal insurance needs. You have a moving truck business, but you also have a home and family. Let us consult with you about all of your insurance needs and provide you with the best quotes.

Texas Insurance Agency also works with insurers who provide other types of business insurance. We can help you find the right coverage at the right price. Our insurers offer small business insurance, workers’ compensation, and much more.

Contact us and let us go over your business needs and budget. We want your business to be protected and for you to have peace of mind.

Texas Insurance Agency Locations

We have five locations in the Houston area to serve our customers. If you are in Houston, we have locations in the North Houston/Greenspoint and Galleria/Uptown/West Oaks areas. We also have branch offices in Katy, Pearland, and The Woodlands. Feel free to stop by any location nearest you for a free consultation about your moving truck insurance needs.

Texas Insurance Agency looks forward to providing you with the best quote. We look forward to hearing about your business. Texas Insurance Agency is your go-to agency for your Houston TX Moving Truck Insurance Credit Card needs.


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