Houston TX liquor liability insurance

If you own or operate a business that sells, distributes, or holds alcohol, then it is more than important that you have a Houston TX liquor liability insurance policy on hand. We are a company that has been in business for over 20 years. As a result, we know the right policies and agencies to choose from that can check off every box on your list. More than this, our extensive knowledge about insurance allows us to explain in detail how you’re covered by your agency.

Insurance can be hard to understand. Well, with all of the fancy jargon and the sheer plethora of information out there on the internet about it, there’s no wonder that so many people seem lost and confused. Worse off, many insurance companies intentionally try to catch you in a loophole, so you’re stuck in a policy you don’t understand and can’t get out of.

Houston TX liquor liability insurance

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However, you won’t find this at Texas Insurance. Instead, we make everything easy to understand for you. There are no gimmicks or strings attached with us. We lay everything out on the line for you so that you know how your policy works best for you.

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We are extremely dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. More than this, we pride ourselves on looking for policies that you can afford. As insurance holders ourselves, we look for affordable rates and comprehensive policies. So if we look for this ourselves, why wouldn’t we do the same for our customers?

As you can see, you won’t receive better customer service anywhere else. We truly do care about our customers and matching them with affordable rates and policies. Moreover, we won’t leave you in the dark. If you would like to learn more about our policies, then give our team a call today at 281-398-1010. From there, we can speak to you about the qualities and policies you would like to use for your business. Or, you can easily read the rest of this article to learn more about how a Houston TX liquor liability insurance policy can help you out.

What is Houston TX liquor liability insurance?

At the core, Houston TX liquor liability insurance helps protect any business that distributes, sells, or utilizes alcohol from the ramifications of a customer going wild. More than this, these incidents can include anything from an injury to property damage to your physical facility or someone else’s. Let’s say that you serve someone drinks, and they become intoxicated. When this happens, trouble soon follows. So if they go out and cause an accident or destroy your businesses property, then your liquor liability policy will protect you from:

  • Legal Costs
  • Settlements of judgments from a court of law 
  • Costs to repair or fix any property damage

    Houston TX liquor liability insurance

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  • Medical bills that may help treat injuries

So, as you can see, there are many ways to keep yourself and your business protected. Texas Insurance agency can help you understand your policy in more ways than one. So give our team a call today for help!

What will my liquor liability policy cover?

Your policy is there to make sure that all possible angles of your business are protected. Your liquor liability policy will cover things like assault and battery. If you serve one of your customer’s alcohol and Sam fights someone else, your Houston TX liquor liability insurance policy will help cover and legal fees or damages you need to pay.

Also, if you serve someone who is drunk and they go out and drive and injure someone, your policy will cover the damages and accident.

Finally, if one of your drunk customers causes property damage to another party, you can be held responsible and, therefore, will need to help cover the costs. Easily, this policy is meant to keep you safe from potential legal ramifications that come from an alcohol-related incident.

Do I actually need liquor liability insurance?

If you are a business that sells, distributes, or serves customers alcohol, then you need this insurance policy on hand. Usually, if you are a restaurant, caterer, liquor store, or grocery store, you will carry alcohol on and. Therefore, you need to be protected. However, make sure that you aren’t in a state that actually requires the policy. Certain states do operate differently if your business is qualified as a dram shop. With this, you are held liable if you serve someone alcohol and they are involved in a drunk-driving-related incident.

So, if your business operates as such, it is important to speak with your insurance agent directly to fully understand all the ways in which you are covered.

How much will my policy cost?

Houston TX liquor liability insurance

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As with all insurance policies, the pricing will vary. No one policy is the same, and if you would like to receive a better idea of the costs, it is best to speak with our team directly. Your policy could cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Though, with Texas Insurance, you’ll know just how much your policy costs without ever having to sign on. We can provide you with a quote for any agency we partner with. So, you’ll always be able to know whether or not the policy you are choosing is right for you.

The most common factors that influence the price of your policy include:

  • The industry you operate in: If you operate a high-risk business, you are held liable for more mishaps since they occur more often. Any business that directly sells alcohol is at a much higher risk for accidents than anyone else.
  • Business location: Because of dram shop rules, if you operate in a state that has them, you will find that your policy is more expensive than others.
  • Coverage limits: Next, if you want a higher coverage limit, then your costs will obviously become much higher.
  • Liquor Sales: Finally, there are your liquor sales to consider. If you own a more high-operational business, then you are able to afford to pay more towards your premium.

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Overall, Texas Insurance wants to help you find affordable rates for the policies you need the most. To speak with one of our brokers directly, give us a call at 281-398-1010. From there, we’ll be able to match you up with a policy that works. Don’t skip out on a Houston TX liquor liability insurance policy; you’ll regret it later!

Houston TX Fun Facts:

  • In the late-1830s, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • Houston has an underground tunnel system.
  • For more information about Houston, TX, visit the city’s website.

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