October 5, 2020

Classic Car Insurance Coverage

No matter what type of vehicle you have, whether it be a large diesel crew cab or a small fuel-efficient

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hybrid, you need auto insurance. Not only is auto insurance a requirement in the state of Texas, but it also protects your car or truck in the worst cases. Texas Insurance Agency works hand in hand with over 20 different auto insurance providers. Stop settling for less and get the coverage you need with us!

The Daily Risks of Driving

Every day we are at risk of experiencing unpredictable life events. It is essential to have car insurance just in case the following happens:

  • Fender Bender. In this situation, here may not be a lot of damage, but the driver that you hit is complaining of pain. As a result, you are found at fault.
  • Lose Control of Your Vehicle. You end up being fine, but your car is now damaged.
  • Damage from storm or hail. Your car’s hood may have a dent as a result of a tree branch. Furthermore, destructive weather such as hail can pelt your roof and trunk.
  • Your Vehicle is Wrecked on the Busy Streets of Houston. You may suffer minor injuries, and your car has significant damage or worsts its totaled. Unfortunately, the driver that hit you may not even be insured.
  • Your Child Suffers from Injuries in Wreck. Your Child ends up being ok; however, there are a significant amount of medical bills to cover.

Classic Car Insurance V. Normal Car Insurance

Classic or antique car insurance is typically cheaper than regular car insurance because it is not being driven regularly in most cases. Therefore if you want to purchase this type of policy, there is no deductible with classic car insurance.

Another significant difference between the two is that classic insurance is the way the value of the vehicle is determined. For instance, if the car was purchased back in the 70s for $1400, dealers may now offer $15,000 of that vehicle, and some may even quote more.

If the vehicle is totaled and you have classic car insurance, you should receive what the car is worth. Unfortunately, if you insure the vehicle with regular insurance, you will be lucky to get your original $1400 back.

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