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Texas Windstorm Insurance

Windstorms are not uncommon in Texas, home to many tropical storms and hurricanes yearly. Nowhere is this more evident than the aftermath of recent catastrophic hurricanes, which have displaced or damaged the homes of many. Those who live in a coastal region know exactly how devastating and costly storms can prove to be. Is your home covered against hurricane or other windstorm damage? Don't let an unexpected storm cost you.

Windstorm insurance in Texas is most often an additional option in homeowner’s insurance policies. This type of insurance is unique in that it deals specifically with damages involving issues including high winds, tempests, heavy gales, hail, hurricanes and cyclones. Under most types of homeowner’s insurance policies, protection against windstorm damage is not always included in the list of covered damages. For this reason those who live in areas that are prone to windstorms, it is prudent to consider investing in windstorm coverage.

Under usual circumstances Texas windstorm insurance is attached to a Homeowners insurance policy. However if you reside in an area that is high-risk, you may be better off purchasing a separate windstorm policy on your household to ensure additional protection.

There are various forms of windstorm insurance policies. In some instances, depending on the type of homeowner’s insurance policy, windstorm insurance can also be associated with another property apart from your insured household. It may cover your vehicle in case it suffers a loss due to damage from a windstorm. It may even cover your living expenses in case your home becomes unfit to live in due to windstorm damage.

Windstorm insurance has proven to be important for both home owners and residents who live in condominiums who are required to maintain this policy by their mortgage lenders. Windstorm Insurance therefore safeguards the interests of the lender who has a legitimate hold on the property.

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