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Texas Hunting Insurance

At the Texas Insurance Agency, we connect Texas hunters and hunting professionals with a variety of insurance policies.

We provide insurance for the following and more:

  • Hunters
  • Landowners
  • Guides, Outfitters, and Hunting Clubs
  • Hunting Equipment Manufacturers

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, there were 26 hunting accidents in 2008. Of those, 6 were fatal. An appropriate insurance policy may offer you protection if you're associated with an accident, whether you are a hunter, landowner, or hunting professional.

Personal Hunters Liability

We can write insurance policies to help you meet the requirements of your lease agreement.  Our experienced agents can find affordable policies.

Landowner Hunting Insurance

For landowners, an insurance policy may provide you with financial protections related to hunting activities specifically.

  • General Liability Coverage
    Hunting insurance can be designed to protect landowners against certain amounts of liability should a hunting accident occur.
  • Protection for your Facilities
    Policies can include coverage for damage to cabins and lodging, tree stands, and other hunting amenities.
  • Vehicle Use and Activities
    Policies can include liability protection for high-risk activities such as ATV and tree stand use.

Please note that a homeowners insurance policy will not necessarily protect you against liability arising from hunting activity on your land. If you are charging for access to your land, the hunting activity may be considered business activity and therefore not covered by homeowners insurance.

Outfitters, Guides and Hunting Clubs

Insurance policies can be tailored to meet the needs of different hunting groups and professionals. Liability coverage can include employees, club members, and guests participating in hunting activities.

We can offer general liability insurance for the operation of your business. We can help you find a policy to meet the requirements of individual hunting leases and the unique aspects of your organization. Insurance can also provide protection for your equipment, including expensive firearms, and your use of vehicles.

Landowners can be included as additional insured for each policy.

Hunting Equipment Manufacturers

If you sell equipment used for hunting, from deer stands to weapons to off-road vehicles, we can find you insurance policies for all your needs. Stay safe with a smart general liability policy and very importantly, a product liability policy. You can't predict how everyone will use your products; enjoy financial protections through the Texas Insurance Agency.

Hunting Insurance by the Texas Insurance Agency

Hunting is an inherently dangerous activity, with accidents ranging from those caused by improper gun handling to falls from tree stands.

The Texas Insurance Agency consists of experienced agents who are committed to friendly service. Because we're an independent agency, we have the flexibility to shop for insurance policies from different carriers. Please call us at (877) 952-1010 to request a quote.


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