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At Texas Insurance Agency, we understand that your home is one of your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, owning a home can also be a huge financial risk. A home is vulnerable to catastrophes such as fire, flood, hurricane, and vandalism. Furthermore, if someone is injured in your home, you may be liable to pay for their injuries. Such accidents could wreck your finances.

In Katy, not all home insurance is created equal. There are many policies that are being sold by many different companies, and it's difficult to find out which policy and provider is best for you.

Texas Insurance Agency specializes in providing insurance in Katy, Texas. We have years of experience in getting our clients the best, most affordable homeowners insurance. We shop around at major nationwide carriers in order to find customized insurance packages, and we provide them with valuable information about their policies and coverage.

For example, in Katy, homeowners' insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Flood insurance must be purchased separately. Typical homeowners' insurance policies also do not cover damage from groundwater seepage.

There are two types of coverage that are available:

  • Replacement cost coverage: the insurance carrier covers the cost of replacing what has been damaged, up to a certain dollar amount specified in the plan.

  • Actual cash value coverage: the insurance carrier covers the cost of replacing what has been damaged, less depreciation. If you have an older house, this amount could be low.

You should insure your home for the cost to rebuild it if it were destroyed. To find this amount out, you should ask an insurance agent from Texas Insurance Agency. If you want to calculate it yourself, multiply the square footage of your house by the average cost per square foot in your area. This information can be gotten from your local builders' association.

Home insurance policies in Katy also have coverage limits for items like jewelry, art, and computer equipment. Once those limits have been reached, any replacement costs will come out of your pocket. If you have a lot of jewelry or computer equipment, it may be a good idea to purchase additional coverage.

It is a good idea to take a written and visual inventory of everything in your home. Include all furniture, appliances, stereos, electronics, and other valuables. For major items, write down the serial number, make, model, and price as well. If you have receipts, attach them to the inventory. Keep this inventory stored offsite, somewhere safe. This will be valuable when you make any home insurance claims.

Call Texas Insurance Agency Toll free at 877-952-1010 to learn more about Texas Homeowners insurance or visit us online to request a free Katy, Texas homeowners insurance quote.

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