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Getting Commercial Transportation Insurance In Texas

Commercial transportation is the largest carrier of goods in the United States. Every store that holds physical inventory receives those products thanks to the hard work of commercial transportation experts. Running a commercial transportation fleet is difficult work, which involves managing the logistics, repairing and maintaining the fleet, and making sure the business has the proper transportation insurance. Certain states like Texas are a major hub for goods for transport to all areas of the U.S. There are many transportation companies headquartered in Texas because of the excellent access to shipping ports and its central location to both the east and west coasts.

When you shop for truck insurance, a few key items need to be covered. We offer the best policies for truck insurance coverage which include the following items:

Long Haul Trucking Insurance

Nothing can reduce the revenue to a trucking company faster than an accident involving its long haul trucks. We make sure the repairs get done quickly and correctly the first time. There are a variety of deductibles available for all levels of coverage our company offers. Additionally, we offer GAP insurance to cover any difference between the actual value and the financed amount on a long haul rig.

Logistics Insurance

Without logistics, everything can come to a grinding halt rather quickly. Our logistics coverage solves the issue of covering the value of cargo in transit. The loss of just a single shipment can be a large setback for your trucking company if the proper coverage is not in place. After all, the freight is the single most valuable asset to cover for your trucking company.

Motor Cargo Insurance

We offer this liability insurance for truckers, both contract carriers and common. It covers the entire process of transporting cargo to its' destination. A carrier’s exposure starts at the time of pickup and acceptance of cargo and ends upon delivery to its final destination. In general, common carriers are held to "strict liability" standards, which is liability without fault.

Bobtail Insurance

This is another term for non-trucking liability insurance. We offer this big truck insurance which covers the tractor when it is not hooked up to a trailer, regardless of whether its under contract or not. Many other agencies may overlook this coverage, but it can provide significant coverage needed to keep the tractors on the road in case of accidents.

Trucking Physical Damage Insurance

Our physical damage coverage is transportation insurance that covers replacement and repair from such things as fire, theft, collision and vandalism to the truck. The pricing on this type of insurance covers the value of the equipment covered. Payout on this type of insurance it typically based on a percentage of the value of the equipment, which decreases over time in tandem with the actual value of the trucks covered.

We are the high-end commercial transportation insurance experts throughout the state of Texas. All of our agents are experienced in working directly with trucking companies of all sizes to get you the right quality of coverage. If you are tired of the run-around given by other trucking insurance companies, give us a call today. You will notice the difference our professional agents offer from the very first call.


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