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Learn What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance in Katy, Texas

Are you trying to find a lower Katy car insurance quote? Here are five ways you can save money on your policy.

1. Package your Katy, Texas home insurance and auto insurance with the same company

You can package your home insurance and auto insurance together using the same company. This can open you up to receiving a variety of discounts.

Many agents who sell auto insurance or home insurance in Katy, Texas offer to bundle their clients’ insurance policies together to save money. At Texas Insurance Agency, we can also package other forms of your Katy property insurance, for even more savings.

2. Keep a clean driving record

Everyone knows that people with better driving records pay lower car insurance premiums in Katy. It’s just a fact.

What many people don’t know is that they may be overpaying based on their driving record. Many people are. You should ask your agent if your auto insurance premium reflects your driving record, and ask about how you can qualify for lower rates.

3. Glamorous cars mean higher premiums

Your choice of car can greatly affect how much you pay for auto insurance in Katy, Texas. Insurance companies ask questions about cars like:

  • Is this car a target for thieves and vandals?
  • Is it more expensive than normal?

4. Lower your rate by increasing your deductible

The deductible is the amount you are responsible for paying before the insurance company steps in. Smaller deductibles mean higher premiums. Depending on your accident history, it may be a better financial decision to get a Katy auto insurance policy with a high deductible.

5. Get rid of unnecessary coverage

If your car’s value is under $1,000, there is not much reason for you to have collision coverage. You can find your car’s value by asking a dealer or looking it up on Kelly Bluebook.

6. Be sure you are taking advantage of all the discounts

Katy, Texas car insurance agents like Texas Insurance Agency look to find you discounts and savings for various things, such as:

  • Automatic seat beats
  • Air bags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Alarms and theft devices
  • Good student
  • Driving training

7. Your credit score can affect the amount you pay for auto insurance in Katy

A high credit score can save you a lot of money with some insurance companies. Many Katy auto insurance companies offer discounts for high credit scores. Conversely, a poor credit score may result in higher premiums.

If your credit score improves, make sure to let your agent know in order to qualify for the discounts some carriers provide.

Call us Toll free at 877-952-1010 to learn more about Texas car insurance or request a free Katy, Texas auto insurance quote from Texas Insurance Agency.

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